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Projector Repair

High quality video and data projector repair are only the least that we offer. Personalized service is the key ingredient in terms of projector repair; with our engineers whom are readily available to talk, listen and troubleshoot any technical enquiries. Low cost and high customer value efficiency service is what we truly aim to confer to you.

A 4-range of service level is primed to tailor our customers' needs as below,

  • On-site exchange service
  • Pick-up repair and return service
  • Carry-in repair and return service
  • Projector maintenance services < replace lamp and cleaning or replacement of air filter >

Our capability

  • 500 units per month repair output
  • Wide external training experience repairer and engineers with high quality and high yield repair
  • Components and module level repairing skill
  • QA control
  • Refurbishment services
  • Flexibility reporting system to provide you all types of customize report
  • Sophisticated materials management system, secure inventory, logistics and full reporting
  • Advance service network in EU region ( over 30 service partners ) to provide your service any EU region
  • Cost effective logistic service
  • Real time communication
  • Sophisticated part management system, secure inventory, logistics and full reporting
  • Software and hardware rework

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